FNS (Field, Nation, Society)

קבוצה בפעולה 2

The FNS is a part of the Israeli educational system to produce better citizens. The FNS education center is dedicated to the promotion and support of field activities for schools and youth movements. The Center is an organized complex that among other things, offers camping under the stars and among the pine trees, annual trips, and other youth movement activities.

The facility includes a lighted grove, water fountains, hot water showers & bathrooms, field kitchens, staff sleeping dorms, and lumber that may be used to erect tents or for any other field activity purpose, including fire writing.

Catering services may also be ordered from the nearby Latrun Park restaurant. Other activities in the Center include tours within the Armored Corps Memorial, lectures by past warriors, laser tag games, jeep excursions and other outdoor programs. Jerusalem, the Ayalon Valley, and the Shfela region are easily accessible for daily tours as are other tourist attractions, including the Israel Trail, Burma Road, Canada Park, Latrun Monastery, Masuah Hill, Madras Ruins, The Masrek (comb) Reservation, Caravans Ridge to Jerusalem and much more.