Words from the Chairman

Dear guests,

The Yad Lashiryon site is a combined project of the Israeli Armored Corps and the Association of the Israeli Armored Corps. It was built primarily to fill the void of those who have fallen in service for the State of Israel, teach the public about our past and the challenges that we face. Latrun, Yad Lashiryon, immortalizes the fallen of the armored corps who took part in every decisive land battle in the wars for the defense and protection of Israel. At this site, we commemorate hourly and daily the soldiers who fell in battle. We tell their personal stories and nourish their  heritage. We pass these stories to younger generations and to our guests.

The site provides a varied exhibition of armored corps subjects:

Memorial – Details of the Fallen.

Medals & Decorations

Divisions and Brigades – detailed information of every armored corps unit and its respective history.

Tanks & A.C.V (Armored Combat Vehicle) – a unique detailed exhibition of Israeli and the tanks of other nations.

Life in the Armored Corps – stories and photos from the daily lives of male and female soldiers in various units.

Yad Lashiryon Association – detailed information about our year-round activities.

Join the armored corps – a call for the younger generation to join our family of armored corps warriors.

Conventions and meetings – open to the public with prior arrangements.

We call upon you to join us and take part in the activities.

Conatct us via phone: 08-9255268 | 08-9784302/3

Or via email: vered@yadlashiryon.com

We will continue to develop and expand the site, hoping that the stream of visitors will continue to grow daily.

General (Res) Udi Shani

Chairman of Yad Lashiryon